KL-Kepong Rubber Products Sdn Bhd (KLKRP) commenced its operations in 1987 as a rubber glove manufacturer operating under the name of KLK’s subsidiary, Masif Latex Products. In 2014, a pivotal move took place as we transitioned to our new factory in Bercham. This relocation presented an opportune moment to integrate cutting-edge technology with increased capacity and enhanced design features, thereby elevating KLKRP’s manufacturing capabilities to a higher standard of quality, consistency, and versatility.

Over the years, KLKRP has evolved into one of Malaysia’s premier rubber glove manufacturers, specializing in OEM and private label production for reusable gloves. In 2022, KLKRP ventured into examination glove production. With over 30 years of industry experience, we have garnered a reputation for supplying private-label gloves across the globe.

KLKRP benefits from direct access to a dependable and consistent supply of high-quality raw materials through its parent company and affiliated sister companies. This advantageous position allows KLKRP to capitalize on vertical integration by efficiently utilizing resources from its sister companies in the production process. This strategic collaboration enhances the company’s operational efficiency, ensuring a seamless and reliable flow of premium-quality materials for manufacturing processes.

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We believe that it is our responsibility as a business entity to balance our growth with a well-managed green and sustainable framework. Therefore, we invest heavily on our equipment and people so that all our processes comply with the H.S.E. standards. Among the various initiatives that we undertake to support our “Green” agenda are:

A State-of-the-art Plant

As a glove manufacturer, the production of wastewater during our processes is inevitable. Understanding the impact of untreated wastewater to the environment, we have equipped our plants with advanced waste and sludge management and disposal system to ensure that all the wastewater we produce are fully treated and only clean water is released to the environment. Our in-house water treatment plants and reservoirs are built to treat a large quantity of wastewater and are future-ready.

Renewable Energy

At KLKRP, we have risen to the climate change challenge and pledge to reduce our greenhouse gasses emission. We fully use biomass technology in our boilers to generate steam energy instead of using fossil fuel and have successfully reduced our carbon footprint.

Safety-first Policy

We continuously conduct awareness programmes to educate our employees on the importance of safe work practices. A periodical fire and safety drill is also conducted to ensure that our employees are aware of the steps that have to be taken in case of an emergency. All our equipment are also regularly maintained and we ensure that all safety standards are adhered to in order to avoid any form of workplace injuries.

Our Strength

  • Innovation

    Our brand new R&D center is equipped with advanced robotic technology, and state-of-the-art testing facilities. This will be our future platform to generate new innovative ideas in support of production process and control, new technology and product developments.

  • Green

    We are using biomass technology for boiler to generate steam energy instead of using fossil oil & gas. This certainly helps in reducing net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and keeps our Earth greener for future generations.

  • Superiority

    We strive for superior product quality, and by having a very comprehensive quality control system. We are certified by SIRIM QAS and IQ-NET on ISO 9001:2015, BRC directory, CE Mark by SATRA and Halal.

Core Values T.H.R.I.I.L.

  • Teamwork

    We cooperate with our colleagues across geographical, divisional and functional boundaries to achieve Company’s goals.

  • Humility

    We respect our colleagues as partners and regard them as valuable contributors to our Company’s success.

  • Results

    We take pride in our work and are happy to walk the extra mile to get the desired results.

  • Integrity

    We value professional honesty and sincerity above all.

  • Innovation

    We seek for better ways of doing things and embrace change to adapt our business to the market and environment.

  • Loyalty

    We care for our colleagues as family and the Company as our own. We uphold the Company’s interest through thick and thin.